Cultural Care Au Pair

在美国工作,成为一名Au Pair




Susie,2011年8月的第一个星期从上海出发开始她的Cultrual Care Au Pair之旅,在她选择延期开始第二年生活的时候,我们对她进行了简单的文字采访,看看她从加州发回来的分享吧(原汁原味她的英文哦)!

同时,看看她2012年元旦在时代广场倒数以及今年夏天在Half Moon Bay游玩的照片吧,大家觉得她的变化大吗?我们祝福她在第二年收获更多,实现她自己的目标!

Q: What about the au pair program interested you?

A: Hmm... I think the most attractive part is that I can study while living in an American family. Not every international student can get this kind of experience, but I did, and I think it's great and worthy. Also, we can spend one whole year or two in the US to explore what we like to do and want to do after Au Pair program, which is never gonna be a waste of time. Going to a new country and starting a totally different life style or building up all your relationships, all of these just so appeal to me. So why not? Let's get this started!

 Q:Why did you decide to go with Cultural Care Au Pair?

A: Ok, this has to be a long story. Actually I had heard a lot about this agency since I knew that there was such a program, and a lot of Chinese girls they did make it through this agency. But at that time when I decided to start my application, some issues came out that the Chinese company which Cultural Care had used to cooperate with was no longer the partner, so I didn't go through with Cultural Care Au Pair at first. Then I put all my application into their data system but it turned out that it was just such a huge waste of time because I had done nothing but waiting for a host family for over 7 months. After this hopeless waiting, I finally got something that Cultural Care Au Pair came back to China again, and what was more surprising was they have their own office in Shanghai. So without any hesitation, I just quit from the other one and chose Cultural Care Au Pair because I always knew that they are the experts in Au Pair. And my first year proved it to me too!

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 Q:Please describe a typical day in your life as an au pair.

A:Basically on the school day, kids get up around 8am so I need to be my place no later than 7:40am. Then I think, like all the other American kids, it's gonna take "some time" for them to finish the breakfast, brush teeth and wash up etc. The kids have to be at classroom by 9am. After that normally I clean up the kitchen then their bedrooms. During the time the kids are not home, I always need to do some grocery shopping or run some errands. The kids come back around 3:45pm. That's the time when I start getting busy because they have all kinds of fun stuff to do except homework. So I am busy driving around and keeping track on any changes too. Usually the kids go to bed between 8:30pm to 9pm. Then after that I am free. And during the week, I need to clean up their play room and some other stuff and do laundry couple of times. So that's exactly what my week is made of.

 Q:What is your overall impression on your time as an au pair?

A:This Au Pair year gave me a lot and I really appreciate it. Living with an American family gave me more chances to get access to American-style life here. And I also experienced so many first-times here: camping in the backyard and campsite, skiing at Lake Tahoe, snorkeling in Hawaii... So many unforgettable memories flashed back just now! I have to say that I had a really GREAT time here!